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research-genetic-cancer-centre-ltd RGCC
For cancer patients seeking the very best personalized and integrated treatments. For clinicians who wish to have access to the most up-to-date cancer detection and monitoring tests.

The company specializes in the fields of medical genetics and, in particular, cancer genetics, chemo-sensitivity and chemo-resistance testing and in research and development within the pharmaceutical industry. The company headquarters are locaded in Switzerland, and our brand new, state-of-the art facilities in northern Greece are equipped with the most up-to-date technologically advanced equipment and specialized software for data analysis.

RGCC is a global organization working in collaboration with branch offices and distributors to provide a world-wide service.

The activities of R.G.C.C. can be divided into two main sectors. The clinical services include detection, immunophenotyping and isolation of circulating tumor cells using state of the art flow cytometers and sensitivity/chemoresistance testing using micro-array technology. High throughput screening is used to provide an automated and fast method for sample processing as well as screening different types of libraries, including combinatorial chemistry, genomics, protein and peptide libraries.

dtect NARA Clinic Dtect
Dtect is a range of test panels designed to screen for genetic markers in an individual's DNA. These genetic markers are medically linked with an increased risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes, gout, and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

By having better knowledge of some of the genetic risks for a disease, you will be in a position to make positive changes to your lifestyle and diet, if necessary.

Dtect also screens for genetic markers related to adverse reactions towards drugs commonly used in treating certain diseases. This information may assist doctors to prescribe a more effective medical treatment plan, if required.

dr dna diagnostics sdn bhd NARA Clinic DrDNA Diagnostics offers:
Professional practitioner support
Reports with easy to understand action
Online training and tutorials for members
Nutrigenomic and Physiogenomic

Affordable and evidenced-based genomic analysis
Metabolic biomarkers to establish efficacy of interventions
Pathway driven genomic information

emgenex empowering healthcare kuala lumpur EMGENEX
A More Personalized And Precise Way Of Understanding Drug Treatment Outcomes.
A patient's metabolic status is often affected by a change in a single base pair for a gene that codes for a drug-metabolizing enzyme.

This gives rise to such patient subgroups as poor metabolizers, rapid metabolizers and ultra-rapid metabolizers. Each of these subgroups differ in their ability to metabolize certain drugs.

The vast majority of people have differences in their DNA that impact how they metabolize drugs, which may increase their likelihood of having an adverse drug reaction. Patients who may benefit from PGx testing are:
✓ Starting any new medication
✓ Experiencing unwanted side effects from any medication
✓ On chronic pain medication and/or antidepressants
✓ Taking two or more medications
✓ Diagnosed with complex chronic diseases:
     Cardiovascular problems
✓ On medications with possible risk of blood clots
✓ On chronic beta blocker, SSRIs, antiarrythmic therapy
✓ Preparing for a surgical procedure
✓ Currently using or starting Plavix or Coumadin
✓ Taking certain statin drugs or are candidates for such drugs

spectra cell laboratories kuala lumpur SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc.
is a leading clinical laboratory specializing in personalized disease prevention and management solutions. Our pioneering intracellular micronutrient and cardiometabolic testing, driven by state-of-the-art technology, assesses a spectrum of risk factors and biomarkers for optimum wellness.

Through our dedication to research and development, SpectraCell also provides innovative solutions for hormone health and genetics.

We are committed to providing scientific excellence, superior disease prevention and management solutions, and the highest quality of service to clients and their patients worldwide.

The SpectraCell Solution is integral to your goal of optimizing patient outcomes by facilitating the prevention and early detection/ diagnosis of deficiency and disease, while helping guide effective treatment options. Our tests help you, the provider, in addressing multiple areas of the diagnostic puzzle including micronutrient status, cardiovascular health, metabolic risk, inflammation, genetic predisposition, and hormone health - in short, many of the functional components that comprise total health. These product solutions are also indispensable for the evaluation of autoimmune and neurodegenerative conditions, cancer, rate of aging, psychiatric illness, and general wellness. Finally, our products allow you to monitor the impact of treatment over time, which is critical for identifying and restoring metabolic inadequacies, attenuating dysfunction, and optimizing health.

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